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I started my career as a lifestyle reporter for the now defunct Manila Chronicle newspaper, writing about fashion, interiors, art, design and food. Eventually I moved to the Philippine Daily Inquirer to cover travel.

In Hong Kong I became media editor for the great, albeit short-lived Hongkong iMail. Every week I wrote or assigned stories on advertising and media, enough to fill a 5-page section of the tabloid.

My print bylines have also appeared in the Globe and Mail, the South China Morning Post and Media (now Campaign Asia).

With the advent of the internet and social media, sharing one’s writing has never been as democratized as it is now. I’ve written for standalone blogs, web publications and social media platforms.

The great thing about having been a journo first then crossing over to the Dark Side of Marketing is being able to filter out the noise in order to focus on the story. The story sells, whether that’s to readers or to customers. And marketing is more powerful than it’s ever been before because storytelling is now recognized as a valuable element, not just background fluff.

Following are some of my physical clips as well as examples of my digital work. The first are stories I wrote for the iMail, starting with Alive Networks, a business that was pretty prescient during the first dot-com boom.

Alive was envisioned to be a cross-media platform that encompassed television, web, mobile and print. It didn’t survive, but its dream is now reality for the likes of WarnerMedia, Meredith and Disney.

Hongkong iMail story on Alive Networks
The mad dash to get last-minute funding for Hong Kong’s Alive Networks. The company eventually folded.

In the early aughts, Hong Kong’s media scene was a non-stop, 24-7 party, awash in money and ambition. I wrote about the deals and the players, the rivalries and the alliances. It was a great time to cover the business of media.

Soccer's broadcast dollars
How the English Premier League cost Hong Kong’s cable network millions and my weekly column, Usual Suspects, below it
Elle Christine Brendle
Profile of former Hachette Filipacchi Asia-Pacific CEO Christine Brendle
Fat and Happy Drug Firms
Despite Hong Kong’s ban on pharmaceutical advertising, drugs like Xenical are profiting from the SAR’s growing obesity challenge

The following are marketing case studies I’ve written, one on a former client who runs an online jerky business, and another a synopsis of the brand activism study I conducted in October 2018.

Jerky Dynasty favorite flavors
Kangaroo, maple duck and alligator are just some of the exotic jerky flavors from Jerky Dynasty. I wrote about their successful blogger outreach campaign in Business 2 Community.
Benetton ad 1990
This Benetton ad from 1990 was considered very provocative then. I wrote a synopsis of my brand activism study for Quirk’s market research magazine.

It’s easy to hate on listicles, but they get a lot of traction for SEO purposes. I wrote a two-part listicle on diamonds that was self-published on Buzzfeed.

Darya-ye Noor
The pink Darya-ye Noor is one of the stunning gems featured in part 1 of ’75 of the World’s Most Insane Diamonds’.
The Hope Diamond
Part 2 of ’75 of the World’s Most Insane Diamonds’ featured the infamous Hope Diamond.

Sometimes one writes for oneself. I’ve only penned one piece for Medium, and it was a tribute to the late David Carr, the poet of Twitter. The social network has not been the same without him.

David Carr in 2013. Photo by Ian Linkletter.
David Carr in 2013. He covered media for the New York Times but was a writer of breathtaking talent. What he conveyed in 140 characters on Twitter was unparalleled. Photo by Ian Linkletter.
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